AAA 517: The Ups and Downs of Android

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I think @ronxo got the wrong end of the stick with WebView. The recommendation was to uninstall any WebView updates, i.e. rolling back to a version before the bug. Now updated anyway…

Shame about that OnePlus 9. I bailed after the 7T Pro, after having every phone of theirs since the OnePlus 1. Didn’t like where the prices were heading.

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I thought there was a new update this week that fixed the bug.

Certainly over at there are people who got the bugged update and updated again on Monday and that solved the problem.

+1, you can’t actually fully uninstall critical system apps like WebView. When you click “uninstall”, it’s actually only uninstalling the latest updates and reverting to the system image version. On some OS flavors like the screenshot above, it actually properly says “uninstall updates”.


Pocketcasts was one of the apps affected and when I didn’t know what was going on, it prompted me to download AntennaPod from F-Droid. It has a few usability quirks but it was easy enough to import my OPML (which I regularly back up) and use during the Webview down-time.