PfSense firewall

I think the Linksys is just confusing things here, plus there are a few different ways of doing what you want to do. I’m also not clear what you want to use it for, is it to tunnel all of your traffic through Nord?

Why don’t you get Pfsense working, set up DHCP on it, and as pholder suggested earlier you’ll be a bit more used to Pfsense by then.

Here is one suggested way to do this setup:


I’m giving up on PfSense nothing is working with all your help that you are giving me

I’m not getting any wan IP address
But I can get to the webpage to setup PfSense

Is there any other firewall software available for free to try that be same as PfSense firewall

What device are you using to run pfSense? If it’s just a PC or similar, does it have TWO network ports (NICs)?

Will let you know when I get home from work tomorrow night I need to get up early

To be clear, a firewall device MUST have two NICs. If you’ve not been using two, one for WAN and one for LAN that would explain why nothing is working for you.

The original screen shot show public v4 and v6 IPs on the WAN interface so looks ok for interfaces at one point.

Sophos and untangle firewalls have free editions if you want to try something else, but you’re going to need to get the fundamentals right about how things are physically connected and what IPs you are using. If you want to keep the Linksys then this isn’t a plug and play solution.

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I will be working today until 5pm be home around 6pm

I will take some photos of dell computer that I’m using and photos of all the setup webpage photos to have you see what I’m seeing for PfSense setup

I was looking online and been reading maybe I need to call isp cable maybe PfSense router mac register

If you look at your original picture you had the IP which looks like it’s a charter IP address. Assume they are your ISP? You might need to give them your Mac address but it looks like it was working before.

Try getting yourself back to that position, set a static IP on your laptop with the gateway of whatever IP you give to Pfsense, and see if you can get online.

If we can’t get PfSense firewall working

I will give up


Do I need to let Spectrum cable now

Do you need to power cycle the cable modem after you switch from one router to another?

Did you speak to your ISP?

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Also re0 was your WAN interface in your first screen shot where you got an IP from your ISP but you’ve set it as a LAN interface this time.

Do I need to put my linksys -dd-wrt router into ap mode

To able to still use it with PfSense

Not necessarily, I would try and get it working with a wired device without the linksys first. If your linksys is the only ethernet switch you have then you will need to do this, but I would connect a switch to your pfsense LAN port and try getting a wired connection to work without the linksys in place.

You should try answering some of the questions that people are asking.

I just tried to reinstall PfSense
But no wan ip

How do I reset the Ethernet card to factory settings

I don’t have the linksys -sd-wrt hookup to PfSense and cable modem

Take a look at this video on how to set up pfSense 2020 Getting started with pfsense 2.4 Tutorial: Network Setup, VLANs, Features & Packages - YouTube

Don’t know if the OP ever got it working though…

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