Peacock Streaming Service sucks

Before NBC launched their Peacock streaming service, I tried watching old tv shows on their website.

EVERY time I tried to watch an episode, the video got stuck by the commercials they insert into the show. Usually, it plays the commercial and the show never comes back on… It’s just a blank screen after the commercial. Or, sometimes, the commercial itself gets stuck. The show itself always plays fine… It’s because they can’t get the commercial program to work…

Sometimes it happened 4-5x (or more) per episode. I would have to refresh the browser in order to get past this. When doing that… Sometimes it would take off from where it left off, and sometimes, you would have to manually fast forward the show to get back where you were at.

I watched the entire 70’s run of Battlestar Galactica that way, earlier this year. But, it was very annoying.

Well, my girlfriend and I tried to watch a movie on the Peacock Streaming Service last weekend. It did the same exact thing. The movie got stuck on each and every commercial break. And, several times, I would have to figure out where I left off at by fast forwarding. And, I was at her apartment, and she has much faster internet than I do (plus, it’s not the internet - it is their site that is doing it)

If it is doing that for everyone - it is going to make a lot of people unhappy. Not a good way to launch your service.

I’d say it might be something with your network config or your ISP, but if it’s doing the same thing at your girlfriend’s house then I guess that’s ruled out.

Sounds like a crummy platform. Is there a subscription fee you can pay to get rid of the commercials? They’re probably doing it on purpose to irritate people into opening their wallets. And they wonder why piracy is a thing.

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Yes, being that it occurred at 2 different locations… And no other streaming service does this… It is definitely their website.

I also tried watching old Miami Vice episodes thru their android app last year - The video stops constantly, and you had to restart the entire show over and over…

I don’t know if there is a pay level… But as they can’t eliminate this problem even after launching the new network, I wouldn’t pay my money towards that…

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The Peacock Network will proudly return to your 1978 episode of Battlestar Galactica in two centars and one centon.


I’ve been enjoying watching Warehouse 13 on Peacock. I hate the ads, but at least it tells me how long the ad break is (so I know if I have time to go to the kitchen or not) and the ad breaks are never longer than 60 seconds.


I went ad-free and it’s been working great. A soccer match buffered a few times on Sunday, but the one that aired on Monday was perfect.


We have xfinity cable and wifi service and Peacock, (Owned by Comcast), gives us premier service with commercials free. We have good xfinity service so we get good Peacock service.

One thing xfinity doesn’t have that I would like is an App Store. There is a couple of streaming channels of I’d like to have or learn more about before subscribing but you have to do your own homework and I don’t have the time to bother.

I used to use the older NBC app (or tried at least) and ran into those same commercial problems. So with Peacock I went ad-free to avoid it since I already knew that grief!

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