New Satellite Internet

Amazon just applied to the US Government for permission to launch 3236 satellites to provide internet access. An interesting addition to the coming Starlink system. This raised a lot of questions with me. Maybe a topic for discussion on TWIT?

Why is the US government the approval authority for space? How does the US claim authority to approve or deny satellites? I can see applying to use bandwidth for US locations, but following that logic, would Amazon and Starlink need to apply for the same permission in every country that they plan service?

What are the rules for satellite services to the world? What is or isn’t allowed? Do rules apply by country?

As an aside… watch for the big US telcos to lobby FCC and their man Ajit Pai to put up roadblocks for Amazon and Starlink to avoid disrupting current internet provider monopolies in the US.

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There is lots to read and learn on this topic, but it seems it’s basically something that is operated much like the UN.

And so technically the US is not in charge… it is the member state of the treaty who is in charge so if it is a US company they need to apply to US regulators.