New hard drive for Mid-2009 Macbook Pro(Suggestions)

Hello folks. As you all may know that Dosdude1 has some pretty awesome software patchers for upgraded outdated Macs. I’m currently running Catalina on my Mid-2009 Macbook Pro (5,3) It currently has a 128GB SSD installed which I just feel isn’t enough. I’m thinking maybe upgrading to 500gb or 1TB drive but want to make sure I can get everything copied over to the new disk with no issues. So for anyone that has done this what Software do you recommend and which SSD do you think would be best for the task. I appreciate any feedback

just get a new computer. you’ve gotten over 11 years out of that computer that’s surprisingly long. My early-2013 Air crashed earlier this year.

I’d go with a good quality Samsung or Crucial drive. It doesn’t need to be the latest and greatest, a generation or two back won’t make any difference, as the interface on the Mac won’t be able to keep up anyway.

I put a 500GB Samsung drive in my 2010 Sony Vaio and it is doing very nicely, running Linux.

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Upgraded a 2010 MacBook Air from original 128gb SSD to 1tb SSD from OWC (Other World Computing). They specialise in memory and storage upgrades for Macs.

$130.00 for drive only. $138.00 gets you an upgrade kit with tools and enclosure for old drive. Be careful if you get new SSD somewhere else. Not all drives are comparable with Mac.
I use SuperDuper to clone original drive to an external drive, boot to the external drive to verify the copy, install new drive, boot to copy on external drive, then again, use SuperDuper to clone on to new drive.
Another option is to create a really good backup (SuperDuper recommended) install MacOS clean, then recover backed up data. Dosdude1 patcher results in clean install, so this might be your best choice.
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