Network device monitoring/indexing software

Does anyone know of or use any sort of software which continually monitors and indexes all the devices on your network? I don’t need anything special I just want to see all the things on my network, MACs, IPs, if it has the ability to poke and prod the devices to find out more info that would be great. Basically I just want a glorified ip scanner which I can leave on all the time. I hate losing track of things on my network haha.

I have a QNAP nas and pfSense so if there are any packages you’re aware of for those that would be awesome.

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Try the free version of Admin Arsenal’s PDQ Inventory.

You can run nmap on pfSense as a package but its still on my list of things to try.

Looks like the free version doesn’t allow network scanning :frowning:

Not sure what good it would be if it can’t scan the network. Are you sure you configured it correctly?

This might well be well outside the scope of your request, but I have one of these:

which I picked up after reading the review here:

It maintains a list of devices (by MAC and by name) and will even alert you (via the mobile app) if something goes offline, or if something unexpected shows up.