Need to buy my wife a new computer

My wife has an old Lenovo Yoga, when we bought it it came with Windows 7 which has been rolled up to and keeps getting upgraded to Windows 10.
Now its time to get her a new one. What would you recommend?

She mostly uses Chrome for things and I keep trying to convince her to go get a Chrome (or try one of the ones I have laying around) but she insists she wants a Windows PC (because that’s what she’s used to).

What high quality with touchscreen Windows Machine would you get someone who basically uses Chrome?

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She would be amazed at all the things she can do on a Chromebook. Hell, I have 3 of em…

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reminds me of my daughter a windows user. i bought her a Chromebook, now she will never go back.

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If you have an old system in the house, you could try converting it to ChomiumOS for her to try.

Or just get a Chromebook anyway, as a ‘backup’ and have her setup an account on it and give it a try.


Or install Linux and use the Chrome browser

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 is getting rave reviews but I don’t think it’s exactly cheap.

But I don’t think it has a touch screen and I know it doesn’t have a webcam.

Leo says Think Pads are his choice. Of course he then puts Linux on them!


If you wife is looking for an upgrade or even a new form factor but is resisting chrome, take her to Best Buy or someone similar, let her test drive a couple notebook’s and see what feels best for her. I’m not saying you have to buy it from there but I’ve always found if I’m trying something new, seeing what I want in person makes it easier to commit to spending the money on something I’ll love. As opposed to buying it sight unseen and wishing I’d got something different after the return window closes.


Lol I think we will wait a bit on visiting Best Buy for a bit right now


Why? Something going on???:grin:


Yes, I wouldn’t go anywhere right now :smiley:

Pretty much any purchases right now are sight unseen. You certainly can’t walk into a Best Buy and touch any display models.

A few weeks ago, Best Buy stated that you could buy online, and a clerk would be on the curb to hand you your stuff. Or, you could go to the front door and tell a clerk what you want.

However - our town is still on lockdown. So, the Best Buy here is completely closed. I don’t know if every Best Buy is like that.