Need suggestions for a new photography laptop

Are you trying to steer me away from OLED now?
Can’t get enough horsepower under the hood on the XPS 13s.

Pulled the trigger: Dell XPS 15" 7590, i7, OLED display, 32GB RAM, 2TB SSD I get some real nice discounts with Dell…$2188.07 before sales tax. I’m excited.

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Nice! Congrats!


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If we could post videos I’d do an unboxing.

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If it’s not on youtube, it didn’t happen :smiley:

LOL…not going there (youtube that is)

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I have a ThinkPad P50s and it’s slimmer and lighter than the standard P50. Great computer but still heavier and slightly larger than my 15" MacBook Pro. That’s my go to for my photography.