Moving from Android to iOS - Experiences

So the experiment came to an end: selling the iPhone Mini again and returning to Android. Simply did not care for the design choices of Apple and missing flexibility. Also, made a personal node not to purchase something if there’s simply no need to change a running system. Am going back to my S10e which works better for me in most ways (was missing the headphone jack, got annoyed by the notch, the automatic and unsortable app drawer was a big nuisance, the screen was unresponsive when touching it through touch-enabled gloves, the Apple leather cover loved to stick, some apps, e.g. PocketCasts, were sluggish, the YouTube app would not work in pip-mode, the screen appeared to be less bright and colors seemed muted, the way I felt limited by Apple to their corporate decisions, see below, simply was less desirable than being limited by Googles corporate decisions). Sure, LastPass worked better, but … that’s about it.

Now there’s a catch, however: does anyone know how to upload all images taken on the iPhone to a WebDAV or SSH server? It seems like Apple, in their wisdom, has limited uploading images to single files. (What a benefit to their users.) Does anyone have any ideas?

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Apple’s display tends to go for a more realistic interpretation of colours, whilst Samsung and Huawei tend to oversaturate and pop the colours.

I have an S20+ as a private phone and an iPhone SE as company phone. The latter feels just like my old iPhone 3GS, just a little slimmer. It is amazing how dated it feels. I am only allowed to use it for phone calls and emails, so I can’t really comment much further. I have a weather and calender gadget on the home screen to help push the icons I need down toward the bottom of the screen - it is 2021, why can’t I position the icons where I want them?

Biometrics being against company policy doesn’t make me feel any better about the iPhone, I was forced to use a complex passphrase, with 2 digits, 2 special characters and lower and uppercase characters! Typing that in, every time I need to make a call or check my messages is a real pain! But that isn’t Apple’s fault.

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When I faced a similar problem with a borrowed iPad, I screamed for a while in frustration, nearly threw the thing across the room in frustration, and then created a temporary DropBox account.

I hate to say it but… iTunes?

Excellent idea, if that’s one of the chosen services that work. Thanks!

True, too. Did not even cross my mind since I am trying to stick to Linux (but can dual boot). Thanks! :slight_smile:


Had I known that I would have told you back in December to pack up that iPhone. :joy:
Good on you for making a go of it though. :+1:t3:
Maybe try again in a few years with a Pro model once Apple figures out an improved design, and if they can loosen up a little.

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Yup, I use OneDrive myself. Can connect to Files app too which makes moving between services a breeze.

So @carbonga what ended up happening with the phots?

Nothing yet. I tried OneDrive but that’s one by one copying, too. Then I lost interest and simply made some new photos. I suppose I’ll give it another go next week. I suppose your idea (iTunes) is the most plausible since most other ways seem locked down.

Glad to be back on my Samsung. We took a walk in windy winter conditions and being able to operate the touch screen without taking of the gloves was… both the only logical thing to do and finally possible again after moving back…