More Live Events?

Last week I saw Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway’s Live Pivot podcast recording in Toronto. Over the last year, I’ve gone to more live podcast recordings that movies.

I quite enjoy watching podcasts live and seeing the community come out. Should TWiT start doing more of these across the U.S., and [fingers crossed] Canada?

It has definitely become a trend and I’m glad to hear that this week TWiT is doing a live event in Boston.

I would be all for it, I believe it would help grow TWiT and help bring the community together all across the world. Knowing that most TWiT hosts broadcast from the comfort of home I would imagine it wouldn’t be a simple thing to organize.


I think I heard that Mikah and Leo will be doing CES this year and doing a bunch of live streams from there? Maybe I misheard who the hosts will be?

Anyways I agree that live shows would be cool, but I bet the expense of putting them on is what prevents more (any?) from happening

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Oh yeah, you’re right. They had mentioned CES.

They would definitely be expensive to organize on their own but could be done more strategically within conferences like CES which would ensure an audience.

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Like when Leo crowd surfed at South By?

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I love the idea of more live events. It’s a cost and scheduling issue. Right now we do it if a sponsor pays for it (like this week’s Lastpass panel).

Ant and I will be covering CES on the cheap - uploading short videos from our favorite booths. We’re targeting about 20 of these, plus a top 10 at the end. We’re going to shoot these guerilla-style.

Those big booths we used to do at CES and NAB cost $100K+. As much as I’d like to do that it just wouldn’t be prudent.


Totally fair. This said I know I would buy a ticket for a live event.

How many people were there? Did it require tickets? Did they charge?

If we could charge for these events it might justify the expense.

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It was part of Elevate Toronto…which like every conference these days billed itself as the SXSW of whatever. Minimum ticket prices were @500 per person for the conference as a whole. There were close to 150-200 in attendance.

We (my wife and I) have paid for live podcast shows… somewhere around 30-50$ per ticket.

Seeing how good the video capturing quality of the iPhone and the Samsung flagship phone nowadays, doing guerilla style with a mobile gimbal and a mobile mic with fluffy windblocker is totally workable.

Thank you Leo and crew for doing CES. I live in Vegas and wish I could go…
just can’t figure out a way to sneak in lol… Keep up the good work …you keep us truckers content with great things to listen to and learn…