Microsoft Front Page question

Back in the day Ii used Microsot Front Page + Hostway to make simple easy data base web pages…FrontPage does not exist anymore. What do people use to create a simple webpage with forms these days vs learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. I am looking for the most popular tool so the investment of my learning time will not be wasted

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I used Front page all the time, back in the day. Now, many hosting sites have online site builders they provide

I usually would use Wordpress with a Forms Plugin for something like this. Or use Google Forms to create forms.

Whenever creating something like this think about how to get your data out of whatever system you create. Many online site builders lock your data in, requiring a manual export of each individual page. This might not matter if you only have 10 pages, but does if the website grows to hundreds+ pages. And websites tend to grow.


I think web-based WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors integrated with hosting companies have replaced Frontpage for many people. is one that I’ve used in the past. But if you just want to create a form for folks to fill out, @ScruffyDan’s suggestion is what I’d go with - Google forms (or the O365 equivalent if you’re a subscriber).

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Thank you very much @knewman

Thank you @ScruffyDan makes sense to focus on wordpress as the investment in learning will likely have staying power

Just remember that WordPress needs to be updated to ensure any security vulnerabilities are patched before they are exploited. If you don’t want to do this use or another managed WordPress service

If either of those options seem less than optimal look at creating a static site and embed the Google Forms in that. It’s more work to setup and update Static Sites, but hosting is much easier and can be free for most use cases