MBW 929: Honkin' Down Their Snorkel

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Hello? Does anyone else have a problem with Brad Pitt’s character driving F1 races? Brad is 60 years old; that casting doesn’t ring true for me. Those cars pull 4-6 G when cornering and similar levels when braking. Braking is near-impossible. There is no ABS; drivers must be highly skilled to maintain the highest rolling friction while avoiding lockup/skidding. At the same time, other drivers are probing for weakness to pass your car. An overtaker may be able to utilize his Drag Reduction System (DRS) to temporarily have more power than you. Watching those spoilers un-spoil is one of the coolest things in a F1 race, but it is no fun for the driver under pressure from an overtaking foe (or even a teammate).

You’ve got to be concentrating while those gargantuan forces are bashing your body. This sport has extreme physical demands on the body – not something for a sixty-year-old. The oldest active racer is Fernando Alonso (43); I’m guessing he has one year left at most. Lewis Hamilton (39) may have 4-5 years left, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he retires after a couple of years at Ferrari.

I’d also be astonished if Apple doesn’t release a version of the movie for the AVP. Maybe a regular move with flashing alert on screen to instruct you when to put on your headset. It could be kinda like Polyester (1981) with its Odorama™ scratch-and-sniff cards and on-screen cues. Apple could even throw in their own olfactory cues: burning rubber, scrapes of titanium plates on asphalt, engine meltdown/fire, and even the smell of victory. Perhaps they could update the tech to scent us at the appropriate time sequence rather than forcing us to scratch and sniff off a physical card like an animal. (That last phrase was spoken in Rene Ritchie. IYKYK.)

Scents aside, I can’t imagine Apple not making some version of their film for the AVP.

Thanks for sharing the bit about the Penmac. On the subject of early tablets – anyone remember Apple Graphics Tablet, circa 1979? https://www.pinterest.com/pin/312718767893954781/
I had one to use the summer of '85 when I was running a computer lab for the summer school program in the public schools back home…