MBW 791: Boba Fett at the Met

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Regarding the comments that Apple is just gathering data to burn politicians that encourage side loading - I would like to remind people that this is company that allowed a US President to stand in front of their Texas factory and make misstatement after misstatement without correction - either immediately after the fact or later. And gave that same US President a brand-new MacPro as a gift.

So I am disinclined to believe that this will be the final straw and makes them go on a PR offensive. This is one of the few issues that both Republicans and Democrats agree on in Congress: the regulation of the tech industry. So Apple would be foolish in the extreme to use this as the rallying cry for attacking politicians. In my opinion, of course.

It is also pretty pointless, now that they have to provide alternatives in some countries, like South Korea and possibly Europe in the near future.


Why is America so screwed up, when it comes to nudity? Yes, children sharing pictures of themselves naked is not good. But nudity in general is very natural and something you see every day.

If you go to the sauna, people are naked, for example. Naked people on TV isn’t really a problem, but it is absolutely hilarious watching US police procedural shows, like NCIS, Criminal Intent etc. when you have a naked body on the table being examined in German shows, you see the breasts and pubic regions, they are a normal part of life, on the US shows, they are always covered or they are subtly blurred out.

Heck, the 6 o’clock news did a report on saunas a few years back, the reporter and all people she interacted with were naked, it was nothing abnormal, it was just natural. There was nothing sexual or erotic about it, it was just naked people sitting in a hot room talking about sauna culture.

Yet, when it comes to violence, we are the reverse. Violence is bad here and children should be kept away from it as long as possible.


Also noteworthy is the German playgrounds that are far more dangerous than would be tolerated in the UK or USA. Advocates in Germany think these dangerous playgrounds are good for teaching children to manage risk. “What’s the odd broken bone?” OTOH, fear of litigation keeps insurers from covering playgrounds like this in the UK. I think you’re right on about nudity, and I think the Germans are right on avoiding coddling playgrounds for teens.

cultural differences are everywhere :slightly_smiling_face:

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