MBW 738: Shaking the Money Tree

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Andy Ihnato’s recommendation of the Raspberry Pi 400 is a real winner. Christopher Barnatt just reviewed on his YT channel this week:

It’s a 4GB Pi 4 Packaged in the Foundation’s nice keyboard. It’s a small safe package for running the Pi: just add a mouse and monitor. After you boot it, it’s very easy to configure as a VNC server to access remotely.

Wolfram Research started supplying Mathematica for the Raspberry Pi back in 2013. With the incremental increases in computational power and memory, this has become a very capable tool. Versions of this software for Macs are very pricey, but this version is free. You can even author visualizations to run on the Pi or on the Wolfram Player for iOS/iPadOS. This is a great tool for a gifted high school student or adult hobbyist to visualize the beauty of mathematics.