TWIT 750: Another Decade is in the Can

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I don’t have any discussion points to bring up other than Happy New Year to the whole TWiT Staff! It was a great show, excellent contributors and I’m thrilled to have spent another year listening to countless hours of the TWiT family.

Thanks for a great year @Leo and the whole TWiT team!


Yes! This was an excellent episode and a perfect way to end the year. @gigastacey and @MaryJo - you ladies rock. We need more of this kind cross-pollination, and the interaction between these ladies did not disappoint in the slightest. Wish that @Lory could have been there, but @mikahsargent was an excellent substitute.

Thank you TWIT for an excellent year, and an excellent decade!


And to top off a perfect year, G4 took the episode down on YouTube! Those zombies can be dangerous!


I was surprised there was any question about the success of the iPad. They have sold over 420 million.

Depends how one measures success. We have never considered sales figures in our reviews of any product. Just because something is a hit does not mean it’s a good product.

One billion McDonald’s burgers served doesn’t make them better than a dry-aged rib-eye steak!


I love my iPad, only apple product I own. Has virtually replaced my desktop.

I would consider it a success.


I agree. Sure, for the hobbyists/tech enthusiasts, it’s just another screen. But to my 80+ year old Grandma, or my young kids, it’s their only use of a computer. It’ll be curious to see where tablets will be in 10 or 20 years.

Interesting side note. My parents (early 60s), would be perfect to be iPad only. And they do have one that doesn’t get used. But when it was time to replace their Windows Vista machine, Mom wanted to stick with the platform she knows how to pay her bills with.


I do too. I use it a lot but really only for watching TWiT podcasts and reading magazines in Apple News+. If there was a good Windows podcast app I’d probably hand my iPad off to my wife and use my Surface Book in tablet mode (detached from keyboard). I could live without Apple News+.

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Excellent episode. I don’t have the time to listen to WW anymore, nice to hear MJ on TWIT.

Excellent episode, just disappointing it was so short. 4 hours would have been just fine.


Ha ha! I could have gone an hour or two more, but I think Stacy and Mary Jo were done.


@Leo just want to thank you and your staff for the podcasts. If I think about how many hours a week I spend listening to your network it’s a lot. Thanks for all the work, you guys are my single source for digested tech news, otherwise I’d never keep up.


Thank you @pinter - I genuinely appreciate your patronage.