MacBook Pro Charging Issues

I have been loving my MacBook Pro 13 2020, but I am having a problem with charging.

A few times I ran the battery down, not noticing it wasn’t charging, though it was plugged in. I suspected my third party charging brick and went back to the original Apple one. That didn’t help. I went back to the original Apple charging cable. I tried unplugging and plugging back in. I have tried charging with all four ports. The only thing that works for a little while is to restart the computer.

It last, maybe a day before it goes into ‘not charging’ mode again.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Might be time to make an appt with a genius.

I would if I could, but Houston is locked down right now.

Have you tried resetting the SMC (system management controller)? I’ve seen recommendations to also reset PRAM (parameter RAM) when you do SMC.
I would suggest you do SMC first, see if that fixes it.

Look at


Thanks for the idea. I will try that. I used to do that from time to time on my MacBook 12, when the keyboard stopped working.

Wanted to add that it is important you get the latest instructions on resetting SMC. Link I included doesn’t work, so just google HT201295. Your Macbook Pro has a T2 chip and instructions changed for these. Some online tech publications don’t include the updated steps.

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+1 on this. Charging is software controlled so it might recover with an smc reset.


@Bgeeoz, @nickapos, Thanks guys sorry I have been so long on thanking you. It took a few resets and a OS update before the trouble went away.