Mac Time Machine (backup) Setup

I really like how easy and complete Time machine backups are. What is the current home setup that folks recommend. my setup is 7 years old so it is time for a new setup…NAS, time capsule, etc?

Also, any online Saas services that work well with Time Machine?

I am less interested in a “science project” and more interested in a well designed solution that I can count on :slight_smile:

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Although I am not a Mac user, my familiarity with it is with @Leo recommending people away from it because it is creaky. Surely someone else will chime in here to explain their setup. If you’re serious about backups, you should consider something offsite in case of disaster at your residence. That could be an online service like iCloud or the iDrive backup that is a TWiT radio show sponsor. (Use the code for the 90% discount.) Or you could just have a second set of drives and take them offsite on occasion, assuming you have a family member or friend you could entrust them to (or your space at work, if applicable.) The saying is 3,2,1 three copies (the original plus two backups) in two different formats where one is offsite (or online.)

Time Machine is great for “easy.” My confidence in actually restoring from it is <100%. Although, this is because I back up to a NAS. I’ve been doing this for five Macs in my house to a Synology NAS, for a years. When I started, TM wasn’t officially supported to non-Airport networked drives!

I can pretty much guarantee there is no such thing as an Time Machine/online service. Every online service requires their own secret sauce.

@PHolder What is this radio show discount of which you speak? TechGuy Labs cross links to sponsors.

I think @Leo says “Use my name Leo for 90% off for the first year.”

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