Looking for some accessories

I’m wondering if anyone knows of a good mobile device charging station.

Also, I just got a Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and am wondering if anyone knows of any good keyboard cases for it. I would prefer a case that has a keyboard built in because the ones I currently have is one with a magnetically attached keyboard and it’s really bulky.

I did a 2 second google search and came up with a few…

Ratings look pretty good on this one:

Depending on where ya buy it at, the price is $4 or $5 different…

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That’s what I have now. It’s very bulky because the keyboard attaches to the case magnetically. It’s not instigated into the case. Probably will just stick with it.


Good find looks nice and not stupidly expensive.

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I have a Tab S7. I’ve concluded the Samsung keyboard cases are the only slim lightweight ones really, and they’re pricey. All the 3rd-party ones are basically BT keyboards glued to a case.

Saying that, the S6 Lite one is £100 at the mo here, might drop lower on Black Friday?

EasyAcc is my default for cheaper Samsung cases. I just pack a Logitech BT keyboard and mouse for when I want to use it as a little laptop when travelling (which isn’t happening at the mo!)

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Totally agree Jamaze. I have just bought the Tab S7+ and only during the purchase, the Samsung folio case had 50% off so I’ve ordered one at 40 euros, which seemed a good price. I intend like you to get a Logitech keyboard to go with my compact Logitech mouse that I can use with my tablet, phone, and desktop. Also when I sell the tablet I can keep the keyboard. I have a Tab 5e with a Samsung keyboard but I find I use my 3rd party folio case the most as I don’t personally like the feel of the keyboard under my tablet when the keyboard case is open and I have it in my hands but obviously not a problem when using as a stand and typing. So I suppose to some extent it depends on your use case and the amount of money you want to spend. Logitech accessories do seem to be very popular.

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:+1:t2: How do you find the S7+? You have that amazing OLED screen mine hasn’t got, but I wanted 11".

I’m impressed with it. I know everyone says it’s a no-brainer, get an iPad but I’m happier with Android, and it works great with Google Docs and Office 365. A bit cheaper than the equivalent iPad too once you add the pencil.

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Sorry for the delay in replying I’ve been under the weather. I love my S7+. I wanted the bigger screen to read my magazines, easier on the eyes. I was coming from a Tab S5e so I knew I wanted to try the bigger screen. So far it has been a good decision for me personally and I got a Samsung discount, which helped. A major reason for buying the Galaxy tab over an iPad for me was the position of the webcam. I use the S7+ for online meetings a lot and as I heard Leo say the iPad’s webcam is in the wrong place at the side. Personally, I think Samsung’s tablets get an unfair comparison with the iPad. Especially from blinkered tech reviewers. For me there are plenty of quality apps in Google’s & Samsung app stores. I love using clip studio for drawing. Also on the Android side we can try apps for a few hours and if decide they are not for us we can get a refund. As far as I’m concerned Apple is unfortunately all about taking your money. I’m talking as a previous mac user. I could write loads about why I bought a galaxy tab over an Ipad. I don’t have to buy a pen and accessories are a lot cheaper. 399,00 € for a so-called magic keyboard seems just far too expensive.


Yes, I agree. I love the Samsung android tablets more than iPads too…

I previously owned a Samsung S2 tablet… Over a year ago, I was about to buy the Galaxy Tab 6, but I ended up buying a HP Chromebook tablet (with removable keyboard) instead. Otherwise, I would have gotten that S6.


I’m so impressed with the S7 I’ve just got an S20 FE 5G phone to replace my OnePlus. Didn’t get on with the curved screen on the OnePlus, too many accidental touches. My original plan was a Pixel 5, but couldn’t get over the downgraded CPU at that price-point. FE has the 865 CPU, 120Hz HDR 1080p display, fast wireless charging, decent camera, is waterproof, big battery. I’m impressed.


It’s a small world. I also own an OnePlus phone a 6t 8/256 and a few moment lenses. I have been tempted by the S20 FE mainly because it’s the only Samsung Snapdragon phone we can buy in Europe. I will wait and see what the S21’s with the new Exynos chip are like in January. I’m intrigued to see which get s-pen screens. Also having too many new things at once is just greedy and my old brain is still being blown away by my S7+. Pleased to hear you like the S20 FE, good to know. I like the way Samsung discount over time and appear to offer good trade-ins. What is there not to like?

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Yup. Had it a few days and really like it. No s-pen support, but I can live with that. Moved from 8/256 with the OnePlus to 6/128 on this. No issues yet . My standard Nova layout sorts One UI :+1:t2:


Hope you enjoy!! Take some pics of my boyhood home (West Oxfordshire!!)

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I will!! Taken a few pics. The camera is noticeably a step-up from the OnePlus.


A pic of West Oxon using the FE 20 for @Computeforloot. Our cottage is down in the valley somewhere…


What sort of charging device were you looking for? I have a few yootech 10W wireless pads dotted around the house. I think Rene Ritchie mentioned them once. Anker look good too.

Samsung do a double pad that you can get for around £50 here.

Beautiful country! As a kid I used to run around picking red and black currants!! Thank you for the pic😁

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Many thanks for the pics. Love the case.

No worries. The case is quite clever, you can see notifications, accept alarms and answer calls without opening it. Trying to work out what that circular cut-out is for :thinking: Wireless charging is on the other side so it’s not that.

Does anyone know of any good quality earbuds? Today my Sony earbuds broke, one bud split open.