Looking for a Thunderbolt 3 extension cord, male-to-female

Perhaps my searching skills are poor, but I am looking for a 1 meter (roughly) extension cable for my iMac Thunderbolt 3 port, male to female. I can only see USB-C extension with up to 10Gbps data transfer. Thanks.

You probably won’t find this because Thunderbolt has VERY specific length maximums for successful transmission. I think the longest possible cable without extra technology (an active cable) is 3m (10 feet.) It’s the same (for copper) for USB 3.2 and USB 4.

From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thunderbolt_(interface) :

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Thanks, and I am only looking for a short 1 meter extension.

The thinking is two fold. First the connection of one cable into another is going to affect reliability of the signalling and possibly add in extra electrical reflections which will impact performance. And 2nd, someone would buy 10 extensions and do something stupid.

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I have a hub. The cable on that is like 6 inches and it is pulling down on the port. I want to relieve this stress and thus have an extension…one cable extension. That’s all.

Buying a longer [replacement] cable is your best bet.

Sorry, I guess I am not being clear…the cable it attached to the hub. I would end up having to buy a new hub as well if I wanted a longer cable.

Forget the above. I found a cable that get 10 gbs which should work. Strange there are no Thunderbolt extension cables like this.

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