Lithium-ion batteries (very interesting)

Hey, I have a new gaming laptop and I want to extend the life of David lithium-ion battery. I heard you should drain it down to 4% and then charge it back up to 100% to fully extend the life span and I also heard if you drain the battery down to 20% and then up to 100% or at least 80% that will extend the overall battery health on my windows 11 laptop, I asked who has bring installed software that I can set to a certain value to stop charging, which is better for battery life. Let me know.

Lithion ion batteries don’t have a memory so don’t need to be exercised like older tech (where you make the effort to drain them and then refill them to restore capacity.) They don’t like to be completely discharged nor do they like to be fully charged. If you want to maintain their lifespan, charging them when they get down to 40 down to 20% back up to 80% would probably keep them the most happy, but that can be a royal pain. Many modern devices have a mode where you can tell it to only charge partially (my Pixel 6 Pro does this to 80%.)

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When I got my new laptop, the technician said you should not leave a lithium-ion battery plugged in overnight because it will overheat and it will trickle charge which is good temporary but being plugged in all the time at 100% will trickle charge the battery and that will decrease the overall health of the battery now discharging my laptop battery to 4% will reset the battery and sometimes extend the health by doing that will wear the battery out faster yes but doing that is only good for only at every 30 charges.

It’s not about overheating or trickle charging, except maybe for really cheaply manufactured components. Those myths are left over from the Ni-Cad days mostly.

It’s just like PHolder said, modern batteries lose long term performance if they’re kept at a full charge state or at an empty charge state. My Sony Xperia holds charge at 80% to help the long term life of the battery. My car also recommends a holding at 90% charge state for daily use, and a 40-60% charge state or longer term storage. I believe the software on my phone is proprietary to Sony’s ROM though, so I can’t make any software recommendations on that front.


Hi I have a brand new gaming laptop that the battery capacity is brand new when I got but the battery has been ran down and I accidentally ran it down by playing games on it and it has 95% capacity now health so I know it’s still a brand new battery take the battery down to 4% and charge it back up to 100% or 80% and it will reset the battery where it will extended the health hopefully I do want to get it back up to 100% health like it was before I did that mistake so let me know how I can achieve this so I don’t ruin the new battery more than it was because I know it’s possible so let me know.

Most business laptops do this, my MacBook Air stops at around 80% and has an option to “full charge now”, if you are planning to leave your desk for an extended time. The same for my Lenovo ThinkPad, it hovers continually between 75-80%.

I believe the Dells we have do that as well. Only my older HP Spectre X360

My phone charges fairly quickly to 80% or so and slowly charges the rest of the way.

My laptop gets charged every morning with my watch, once the charging light goes green, I use it on battery all day. Just looked, seems to stop charging at 80%.

Phone gets put down on a wireless charger quite often, including overnight, wired in the car, but I don’t do anything special with it. I assume the software is doing the right thing. I rarely fast-charge it though.

Bike I do leave at 40%ish if I’m not going to use it for a while.


The battery in my new laptop what is once 85% capacity but now from doing 40% to 80% limiting to just that got my battery up to 93% now but if I keep doing that will it get it up to 100% eventually ?

I have a question for you all I have lithium ion, rechargeable, RC car battery packs they all are 7.4 V battery packs and I want to do the same thing as my new laptop do 40 to 80% to extend their life because I had those batteries for a long time and I want to keep them as strong as possible, but I do not know how to do this due to its hard to determine the battery voltage of the battery and do 40 to 80% on all those batteries to keep them at peak performance I test them with the multimeter but I cannot determine between low charge and full charge and somewhere in between to do 40 and 80% to do that to extend their life if anyone knows let me know.