iPhone 13 pro Max => 3 bars or wifi calling at home (Verizon)

I just setup my new iPhone 13 pro max. I see that the default setting is to have wifi calling “off.” I get 3 cell phone bars on top but was wondering if wifi calling on verizon while I am at home is better than 3 bars? Any ideas, thoughts or tips would be appreciated.

If your WiFi is reliable, then I would say you should definitely try it, if the cost to try is free or minimal. I think WiFi calling will almost always be a better experience than using the cellular network. Cellular calls are intentionally bandwidth limited because of the ratio of users to towers, whereas the ratio of 1:1 (you to your own WiFi) is likely much better and allows for better voice quality because of better bandwidth. (There are even what are known as wideband codecs that can give you uncompressed sounding “CD quality” sound.)

Thank you. Do you know if I turn wifi calling from OFf to On, will it default to wifi first or cellular first then only wifi if cellular coverage is below it’s threshold?

Unfortunately I don’t know the answer as I am an Android user. I did try Googling a bit, but it seems to me the configuration may vary a bit by carrier. The best I have to offer you is a Google search suggestion .