IOS 670: Preparing for a New iPhone

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One thing I would recommend is, as well as ordering the case in advance, if you are going to use a screen protector, order that in advance as well, and fit that as the first thing, out of the box.

I did that with our last iPhones, put the protectors on, before I turned the phones on. The screen was still completely clean and dust and oil free.

My wife dropped her phone and the protector broke, but protected the screen, as it should. I cleaned the screen thoroughly, wiped it down, got it as dust free as possible, but there a corn of dust still managed to cause an air bubble under the protector!

(I use the Spigen protectors (there are others with a similar frame), which come with a frame for applying it, the phone sits rigidly in the correct position and the protector is pushed down onto the correct position - I get frustrated with other protectors, trying to get them aligned properly, these with a frame take a lot of the frustration out of the job.

Also, with our Watches, I did’t buy protectors to start with, then it quickly became evident, that the SE screens aren’t very scratch resistant. But by the time I got the protectors, it was too late, there were so many small scratches (and on my wife’s, he jacket had rubbed the corners of the screen matt) that they didn’t stick to the screen and fell off after only a few days. Lesson learnt, I’ll order a protector in advance, when I replace my Watch as well.


This is my required practice for phone purchases in my family. Screen protector gets to the house before the phone does :joy:


Solid advice, I have had similar experience before as well.

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