IOS 531: Rosemary's Top 10 Apps

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Am I the only person who thinks the Shortcuts app is a waste of time. I don’t even have a shortcut to it on my phone LOL. It is in the App Library waiting to NEVER be used. Plus, it seems like the TOP apps are perfect for tech writers or tech podcast panelists, but I don’t know anyone who writes books on IOS devices.


I can see that for some people Shortcuts seems like it’s not the most useful of tools, but I’d encourage you to check out the suggested Shortcuts and Automations—there’s likely at least a few things there that you might find useful! Right now mine is suggested automatically showing my schedule through Fantastical at 6pm every day, which is definitely one I should set up.


Get Rosemary a better camera

Rosemary mention Cardhop as being a better contact manager than the standard contacts app, but I haven’t really found it to be that much more life improving. I’ve found that are better apps that will actually go out look for more information from sites such as Facebook and bring it back for you to see if you wish to update the contact. Maybe I’m an oddball for this opinion but I just haven’t found a way to make it worth paying for it.

Hi! I love the addition of Rosemary. I miss Leo, certainly. I have a suggestion during these remote COVID times. Have an iPad screen take up the majority of the screen for the entire episode and have Mikah and Rosemary’s faces in the small cropped circles nearby. This is the layout when they are showing an app, but it’s brief. I think it would be great to have it like this the entire show (apart from the intro, news, and putting on hats). Just my suggestion.

It’s a 4K camera, but we’re still figuring out the right settings with it being sent to the TWiT Studio and then recorded there, plus it seemed to focus on the binders behind me rather than me for some reason, it’s being worked on!


Rosemary is a great addition. Thanks.


Is it just me, or are most of Rosemary’s shortcuts and apps solutions to nonexistent problems?

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