IOS 574: iOS 15 SharePlay Apps

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The SharePlay use cases that immediately come to mind are watching YouTube or TikTok videos with a group of friends; using Apple Music or Spotify to have a shared soundtrack during a group chat; sharing photos or videos from a recent trip; watching a movie or TV show as a group or with a friend or spouse who’s apart from you; co-op gaming session. Honestly, I will probably use this very little, but I can maybe see kids picking up on this if they’re already using FaceTime (remember, international friends, that iOS has a dominant share among US teens). The big question for me is will popular 3rd party apps support it.

I assume all participants must have whatever app installed, and also have a paid subscription for paid apps (e.g. Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, etc.). I wonder if Apple Music could drive additional subscriptions by allowing some level of free SharePlay functionality as long as one person is paid.

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