IOS 566: AirPods: Tips & Tricks

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A shame that the review of the what3words app left the impression that it only uses English words. The settings allow you to choose from a whole heap of languages for the word list and also to set a secondary language if required.


This is likely something the host’s just hadn’t found in the app or where not aware of. @RosemaryOrchard did you know of this setting? Might be something to fool around with and update in the next episode. @Clayton thanks for the helpful tip. :smile:


Yeah, don’t get me wrong, I love Rosemary’s & Mikah’s enthusiasm for the gems they uncover for us, and doing that on a weekly basis can’t be easy. But knowing the app already, I figured maybe the schedule didn’t give enough time for an in-depth exploration. So all I meant to do was say “hey, it does more than that!”

Here in the UK the emergency services love the app, because it bypasses the problem of back-office systems not being new enough to process mobile phone location info. They can just drop the 3-word ref into a browser page to get back a map and references like lat/long that they can paste into dispatch systems.

I know that it sometimes raises hackles on the Internet because it’s a closed, proprietary database that you have pay to make commercial use of - but I don’t know any other way that would guarantee the funds needed to develop and maintain it.

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