"Insert date and time" script into google doc

Hello TWIT family… (Especially the coders)

I am needing some help. First off let me preface I am not a coder. Yet I am trying to figure out a script that I saw online that allows me to insert the date into a google doc. The script can be found at …

Well, I need to add the current time with that date also. I am using this to journal medical events with my dad and share the doc with my home nurse when she is away.

Any help would be awesome…

How to Add the Current Date and Time in Google Sheets

3 Easy Ways to Automatically Insert Timestamps in Google Sheets

thank you CrimsonChin
Rather than in “Sheets” I am wanting to do it in “Docs” document

This guys got your answer, I tried it and it works.

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Sir… I am very thankful for your help. GRATITUDE