HOW 3: Tech For Proper Hydration

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Not sure I see the need. I buy Powerade Zero 20 oz. electrolyte enhanced sports drink with zero calories at Walmart for $0.69 on sale, otherwise $0.89. Doesn’t require an app to see how much have consumed from each bottle. When I’m really trying to monitor hydration, each night I put 4 bottles in the fridge for next day which provides my 80 oz daily goal.

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Yup that works, too :fist_right:t5:

@ant_pruitt interesting! I’d be super interested in trying this out. I run, bike and now starting intermittent fasting. I’m waiting for the day that tech catches up and I can know how much sweat and more importantly minerals I’ve lost and then what I need to replenish with. Knowing that would be a REALLY good data point for me when you talk about recovery and even being able to maintain proper muscle function over long distances.
Thanks for sharing. It really feels like the current crop of smart exercise tech has reached its ceiling. Need some more stuff to push this forward.

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Yeah that will definitely take some other sensors that aren’t intrusive as well as convenient for the user. THANKS for watching and the feedback.