HOT 128: Samsung Galaxy S21+ Review

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Looks nice. @JasonHowell how did you get the Google feed as the left screen on One UI? Been wanting this for ages. On my S20 FE (Android 11, latest One UI) all I have is Samsung Daily on that screen.

The S21 has Google Feed by default! Google Messages and Discover Feed are native to Galaxy S21 series - SamMobile


Thanks. Hopefully will be added to S20 phones too at some point :crossed_fingers:t2:

I’d go for the base S21 I reckon, although only recently got this S20 FE. Samsung seem to be really pushing the ecosystem at the mo. Found out last night I can stream TV from my Samsung TV to any tablet or phone in the house.

So I can watch cable or terrestrial TV (or anything else plugged into the HDMI ports). TV doesn’t even need to be turned on.


SamMobile: Galaxy S20 FE One UI 3.1 update has been released!.

Bit disappointing :confused: