HOP 169: I'm Tired Of Talking About Generative AI

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I would say he is an artist then, not a photographer, granted the images are photorealistic, but they are not photographs. They are not captured images of people, they are portraits, the same as Van Dyck or daVinci.

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I feel ya. THX for watching :fist_right:t5:

I fear the release of ChatGPT 4 in the coming weeks may blur things even further. The ability to use audio, video, and images as inputs and to be able to also deliver them as outputs…

It will provide the ultimate creative matrix, describe a scene as text, and the AI will make an image for you. Throw it a video and it will write you an essay about it (I might finally understand Clockwork Orange!) and it goes on.

I am scared, but I can’t wait

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To me the greater offense was claiming that he took some of those photos with a DSLR camera. If he had called it generated art from the beginning no problem, but don’t pretend to have done the work behind the camera.

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