Home Server Leo Talks About

Not sure if its software or hardware but Leo talks about a home server he is using now. Any idea what it is?

I know he did use an old Apple Mac Pro (Dustbin) for a while. But it could just be a Linux box. What is important is what services you install on it (E.g. his Jitsi server) and that it is securely configured, before it is let loose on the Internet.

I have an old laptop and a couple of Pis doing server work for me at home, for example.

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I’m pretty sure from listening to several of his shows that his “Home server” is now a Synology NAS box.

I do have a Synology 1019+ NAS but I also have a dedicated server built on a powerful machine I originally bought to run desktop BSD. When that didn’t pan out I dedicated it to serving stuff.

The specs are here: https://leolaporte.com/2016/07/21/a-grand-experiment/

I recently moved it to the studio, where it’s currently running Debian buster with five Minecraft instances (using Spigot) for Michael, including the original TWiT build by OMG Chad and company, as well as my Jitsi instance, and various other projects I play with from time to time.


Are you maybe thinking of the home email server, helm I think it is called ?

I do believe Leo has mentioned using Helm as an email server, but I’m unsure if that was just testing or if its full time use.

They were a sponsor at one point but don’t see them on the list any more.

If you want a cheap Linux server to play with, with actual online connectivity, you could do as Leo did and build your hardware, install and configure it all, and then figure out how to get an IP address you can use from outside your home… oh and pay for power to run it 24/7. Or, for around $5 a month you could get a VPS (virtual private server.) (I think Digital Ocean is a sponsor, but they may not be the cheapest VPS out there… it is kind of a commodity these days.) You have to spend $60/year for 10 years to get close to spending say $600 to build your own server.


There is a reason cloud is so popular. It is a lot easier and cheaper to get a server on the cloud than running your own.

Unless you want to experiment in which case there is no limit to what you can do abd spend. It really depends on the use case.