HOM topic suggestion - Cloud file encryption

Think Leo missed an opportunity to provide advice on encrypting data before storing in iCloud and other such online storage on Tech Guy 1936. Extremely important with later MacOS versions, as Documents and Desktop are stored on iCloud as default option. That means all the files in those two folders always live on iCloud unless you take the steps to stop that feature. And it is not obvious to casual users.

Really liked the fact Leo found encryption in Notes was good, but that’s not a great way to store important files.

MacOS offers option to encrypt files in a secure vault using Disk Manager, by creating an encrypted image of a folder. Requires password to open the image, and creates a .dmg file that can be stored safely in cloud storage. Keep the .dmg on the desktop, unlock it when working, move important files there, and backup .dmg to other online storage facilities easily.

Open source options like VeraCrypt could be presented.

Several commercial encryption apps could be presented. I use Boxcryptor and Cryptomater.

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