HoM 64 - Weather App

Hi @mikahsargent ,

currently catching up on HoM. I came across this episode and it looks great, but you missed the most critical part of the Weather app - how to get it/start it.

I am running Ventura 13.1 on an M1 Mac mini and there is no Weather app installed on it, I checked with Spotlight, the best it can do is a search result for my area. I then tried the App Store and there was no Apple Weather app entry there, either.

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I’m running 13.1 also there is a weather app in the applications folder:


Grrr! Found it… I’d been typing in weather in Spotlight and it was returning searches in Safari. I also went through the icons a couple of times in the application folder and didn’t spot it, even after just finding it with Spotlight, I had to look twice, before I found it.

Didn’t think to type in Wetter instead, my bad!