HOM 23: Using Hazel with Folder Actions

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Is there a Windows equivalent for Hazel? I like the utility, but as it appears to be MacOS-only - I’m hoping there’s something out there with the same functionality for Windows.

Not having watched the episode or knowing what it does, I did a simple Google for “alternative to Hazel”

And File Juggler looks like a recommendation, but it’s not free, they want $40US.

So then you could try:

Well sure. I was looking for a recommendation here, not someone to do the Google for me. But I appreciate it all the same.

So you expect someone who happens to use a Mac and Hazel AND also uses Windows and a Hazel comparable to understand your expected use case and recommend you something they are familiar with… okay, maybe that unicorn is out there… good luck. Wouldn’t it have been just as easy to say “I need a Windows app that does this {list of things}, anyone have any recommendations?”

I think perhaps this went in a direction I didn’t really intend. It was just a request for a recommendation - I wasn’t trying to be lazy or anything. I had hoped @Leo or someone more familiar with the app and also who also had knowledge across both OS’s would have a suggestion.

In any case - thank you for the searches. I do appreciate it.