Happy World Backup Day!

It’s March 31st, World Backup Day, a date chosen as it’s the day before April Fool’s Day (shudder). It’s a good time to review your backup strategy for your data and verify that it’s still fit for purpose. And maybe also an opportunity to reach out to those around us who are not so technically confident and offer them some help and advice?


Anyone care to share their backup strategies?

I use Syncthing to replicate between devices, including a TrueNAS server. On the TrueNAS server, I utilize ZFS snapshots that run twice a day and are retained for 7 days. Once per night, the TrueNAS server synchronizes that data to a Storj.io bucket to maintain an offsite copy.

I was using Backblaze/Carbonite (depending on platform), plus sync to my NAS, plus everything duplicated on OneDrive and iCloud.

Due to the cost of living increases, I turned off the NAS, so the secondary, local backup is currently offline, but the other backups are still running.

I’ve dropped the offsite backup now.

Everything is synced with OneDrive. Both PCs also get a backup once a month. Full on the Windows one, Time Machine on the Mac.

All our photos are also duplicated across Google, Amazon, Apple and OneDrive.

I used to have 3 TB of central storage accessible over my LAN for movie and music libraries and backups, but with streaming and cloud taking over that’s now turned off with a backup copy somewhere else.

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