Happy Father's day / Ascention Day

Morning everyone,

happy Father’s Day and Ascention Day.

Today is a bank holiday in Germany and is the day when Germans set out on “Sauftour”, where they (traditionally men, but more and more women as well these days) go out with a “Bollerwagen” (a 4 wheeled hand cart) loaded up with beer and spirits and they wander through the countryside playing drinking games. It is pretty much not happening this year, most are doing the Sauftour in their gardens or flats.

In the early days, they would take their sons hunting, but as hunting lost its appeal, it turned into a drunken stroll. A lot of families go out with their children, which of course is then not really a drinking tour, but a nice long walk in the countryside.

This year, it falls on a Thursday.

It is also Christihimmelfahrt or Ascention Day.

So, have a great day everyone! Finally, a day where I can stay home from work!