Hannity on Twitter

Can any one tell me why Sean Hannity shows up in my Twitter feed every dam day.
I have not put him on my “Follow”. I have never clicked on any of his “Tweets”.
I guess Nick Bilton is right when he says Twitter is run like a “Clown Car” in two of his books!

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His tweets are “engaging.” Engagement = impressions = clicks = $$$.

Ahh Soo he is click bait? So if I don’t click he will go away? We will see!!!

Your guess is as good as mine. It’s safe to assume that your cohort typically engages with his content which is why it is being recommended to you.

Just put him on mute and he won’t show up again. I do that with all the advertising I get, I tap on the … and select mute.

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Are you viewing your timeline’s “Top Tweets” or “Latest Tweets?” I’ve found that Twitter will slip in accounts that I don’t follow unless I change my Timeline to show tweets in chronological order. They set your TL to Top Tweets as default. Every few months they throw a curve ball and change it back to default on me.


Aside from that, you can always block accounts that you don’t want to see. I reflexively block any account that blasts me with a promoted tweet. I think I’ve got around 500 accounts blocked so far.

This is just an quset it is something that has happened to me. You have emailed him once and since it was saved in your email contact list twitter my have though you wanted to follow him.

Did not happen! nor have I ever watched his show and very little of anything Fox offers.

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Being forced to even SEE Hannity is cruel and unusual punishment!!!:-1:t2:

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Thanks guys for your input. Someone had added me to “Follow” him. Sure wasn’t me. A day without Hannity is like a day with sunshine!

You’ve confirmed my suspicion that Twitter is now relying more on algorithm. It used to be just people you follow.

I do use Tweetdeck because it allows me to block re-tweets. They tend to be knee-jerk hot takes - not what I’m looking for.

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The default “Top Tweets” view utilizes some sort of algorithm. The “Latest Tweets” view does not, as of yet.

Use a client like Tweetdeck on Windows or Tweetbot on iOS so that you do not see promoted tweets only those that you follow.

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