Free commercial games

Came bundled when I bought my original Vive headset. It was actually pretty fun for a little while

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How about a downloading and playing new free games simulator? :wink: It can have you play as a teenager living in mom’s basement and you have to balance game play with chores and schoolwork. Then you have to evolve your Twitch channel and get it popular enough that you can become an influencer and thus don’t have to find a “real job” in an office :rofl:


Man,. what was I thinking?!?. Why didn’t I start doing that years ago :smiley:

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This weeks friday freebie from indigala

Epics weekly freebies are conversions of classic board games, Ticket to Ride and Carcassonne.

This fresh offer is for joining as a beta tester of the upcoming West of the Dead

This Steam key gives you access to Hunter’s Arena: Legends Closed Beta (Feb 20 to 23).
Follow the 3 steps at the bottom of the page to get a key.

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This weeks Epic freebies are epic !

Thursday is upon us once again and another Epic game freebie from Epic

If you prefer board games then Faeria may be more your pace

3 indie freebies (I missed last week. Oops)

Another indie freebie. This time a sequel to a previous game “Waste Walkers”