Framework Laptop Upgrade

@Leo - I remember you mentioning that you were looking for a laptop with a 12th gen intel processor. Framework is releasing an upgrade that would allow you to swap the motherboard and processor on your laptop.

Yeah I am so excited. Already ordered a Dell XPS 15 with the i5-12500H processor, but I’m very glad to see that at some point I’ll be able to upgrade the Framework. There are some concerns about the 12th gen i7 - it seems in laptops, at least, the i5 might actually be as fast or even faster due to thermal and power constraints.

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Yeah, I was reading the same. They are offering the i5. Either way, it’s nice to see that I can essentially get a “new” laptop without having to spend thousands.

Lenovo has announced the soon to be released AMD 69xx Legion gaming laptops. The 5xxx models came with an Nvidia GPU, but the 6xxx are available with an AMD GPU. My friend has the 5xxx version and just loves it.

Yeah I placed the order on 5/19 for the middle i7, and the next day there’s an article on how the i5 is faster and now it’s pushed out a month. I contacted Framework to see if I could hold my place in line and swap the processor and understandably they asked that I cancel and reorder if I wanted the i5. So, I’m sticking with the i7 to get it sooner and I’m Hoping that at least the graphics performance is a bit better… maybe?

I have the i7 1260P in a very slim laptop, and it’s certainly doing a lot of managing of thermals. Happy with the performance though, but I don’t have an i5 to compare it with. With this model, dropping to i5 also dropped RAM to 8GB.

One annoying bit of design, the intakes are on the bottom so it gets very hot very quickly used on your lap. Looks like the Framework is similar from the pics.

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