FLOSS 698: Miguel de Icaza

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This was the best episode yet! I was so excited to hear someone talk about MMT. I have been blown away that more people in tech haven’t talked about it more. After-all we all like to know how things really work under the hood. Again, such a great show! Thank you to both the hosts and Miguel for the best show yet.
For those interested in more, as Miguel mentioned, the book “The Deficit Myth” by Stephanie Kelton, is a great primmer to start learning how money really works, and why cryptocurrencies are not actually currencies at all.
The MMT podcast (from the UK) and Marco and Cheese are great Podcasts to learn more as well. Thank you.


I really resonated with his tale of learning about how money works. I had the opportunity to take a Macroeconomics course in my senior year of high school. Prior to the course, I never had a very satisfactory conversation about currencies with anybody in my orbit, although I had heard various grumblings about “gold standards” from some people. When the class discussed “easy money” and “hard money” policies and the benefits they brought, things started to click. The ability to mitigate economic depressions by making more money available made a lot of sense, and it also clicked that such tactics were infeasible with commodity-backed currency. Exactly as the guest said, “All money is imaginary, and we just imagined some more,” but that imaginary money has very real benefits.

Thanks for the posting - FLOSS is a hidden gem in the TWIT landscape. MMT is a very useful resource. New to me & I’m in the UK.