Facebook Employees are Now "MetaMates"

Saw this thread on Twitter today and had to share. I compiled the best responses in the thread. What’s yours? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Facebook employees are now “Metamates”. (?).

Can’t wait for:

LinkedIn → Inmates
Amazon → Primates
Waiters - Checkmates
Starbucks-> coffeemates
Zillow → Housemates
Airbnb → Roommates
Nike → solemates
Tesla → Automates
Tinder → Intimates
OnlyFans → masturbatermates
Activision → Activates
Weather Channel → Climates
Pixar → Animates
Microsoft → GatesMates or Team(s)mates
PlayStation employees → Playmates
Peleton → Glutamates
Wordle → Guesstimates
People will name their boats → Mate McMateface


This from Johnny Nomates…

Sad, no real mates, just meta mates.

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err… I think the Playstation one is already taken :wink:

Well not after the scathing documentary on A&E, “Secrets of Playboy.”

On second thought, just like Joe Rogan. You can’t cancel Hugh. Even after he’s dead. :women_with_bunny_ears:

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This is a metamistake

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Totally a metamistake. :expressionless:

Java programmers → coffeemates™
Python programmers → ReticulMates
Rust programmers → OxidMates
Octopus → EightMate
This joke → TooLongMate

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:rofl: I couldn’t agree more completely!

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