Don't Mess with Fr. Robert

Here. Here, the Friar is right on the mark!


He’s not a monk, he’s a priest. Fr = father, not friar…

My bad. Thank You! I flunked Theology as you can see.


I like Father Robert, but it is disappointing that he would hold that view and say that publicly as a Catholic priest

Just my opinion.


I agree with you there

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and it’s also Hear Hear :grin:

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Extremely disappointed.

I know plenty of people that follow the Trump twitter account. Not because they support him, but because they like watching a train crash.

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There has never been a country with a sociopath as a leader that has ever been anything but a train wreck…

Or same reason I followed Barrack when he was president. Love them or hate them they are the President of United States of America. For reference I chose Barrack because the two elected Presidents could not be more opposite.

Yup, and then you have those that are real journalists that give a damn so follow whomever is needed

This thread has turned disappointing and is about to become a train wreck.

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