Does a Router need to be Reset every so often

Hi. There is a product called Netrest and it claims to power down your router on timer everyday. I sometimes have to unplug my router if my printer fails to print. Is this a device to purchase?

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Your router shouldn’t need resetting regularly. Before a firmware upgrade ten days ago, my router hadn’t been rebooted for months with no issues. If firmware is badly written, with a memory leak say, then yes, would need resetting regularly, but decent modern routers should not need resetting regularly.


Thank you, I was just curious why a product named Netrest was being sold on one of the television shopping channels and has decent reviews.

I agree with @Pommster

My router gets restarted when security updates come out (a few times a year on average). A good quality router shouldn’t need resetting. If a router keeps crashing and hanging, it doesn’t sound like the code is very good quality and as it is the edge of your network, it is the device that should have the highest quality code on it!

I’d look for a good quality router, rather than something to constantly reboot a dodgy one.

It has been my experience for the last 15 years or so that routers start to die every 3 to 4 years. EVERY ONE I have ever bought has done this…

It starts to slow down and drop traffic. I always end up replacing it, and then it works fine for another 3 to 4 years.

How old is it?

I just looked up NetReset and they’re everywhere! It’s just an electronic timer from what I can see.

It is about 2 years old

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What router brand/model is it?

Well turning a device off when you are not using it is considerably safer than any other alternative… but it also has a downside… it may be off when your need it. A scheduled timer of any sort can be had for very few dollars at a hardware store… why would you need something specific to a router? On the other hand, most modern routers have this kind of functionality built right in. You can turn off WiFi while you’re sleeping, for example. (Heaven help you if you have a sleepless night and want to watch Netflix or something on your tablet.)

On the other hand, no matter what model you have, it should have a way to log into it to do admin. If that isn’t responding when you have the printer issue, then you need a new router. Otherwise, if there is always a reboot option in the admin interface. Many modern routers even have scheduled restarts in the admin interface, because they think people think the device needs regular rebooting. (It should not, unless buggy/poorly designed.)

Every so often we experience internet interruptions, and after checking other devices, usually end up cycling power on the modem/router. Most of the time, this solves the problem. When we went away for several months, was concerned about losing contact with house devices, so plugged the router into a TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Plug, programmed to turn off power for one minute each day. On at least one occasion during trip, could not access the house, waited until cycle time passed, all well.
WARNING. If doing this, do not press the manual OFF button in the app when away from home. Program a timed off/on cycle. Otherwise, you have to wait for the next programmed off/on cycle, or until you get home if one is not setup.
Be aware that if you power cycle your modem, you end up with a new IP address in most cases. Might effect some things you have setup expecting a specific IP address.

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No waist of money…

In an ideal world, no. But I’d be lying if I said I never worked in a environment with some crappy piece of hardware that needed to be power cycled regularly in order to function. So products like this will have a home.

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