Do you search using Microphone?

While watching Jason Howell type furiously while off site guest dictate, I wonder why he does not use the mic. Its right there on the keyboard. I use mine all the time. My fat fingers hit about 3 characters.

I use the voice to text when sending text message in the car. But, it was more accurate on my old, cheap Samsung J3. On my more expensive Samsung S8, it makes a lot more mistakes.

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My computer doesn’t have a microphone, so no, I don’t.

I do about 99% of my searches on the PC. I don’t use the microphone on my phone either.

I do occasionally try it on my Android TV, but usually give up after 4 or 5 failed attempts at getting anything close to what I am saying being the search term it uses, that I give up and use the remote control to use the on-screen keyboard.

And it isn’t as if it gets it slightly wrong, I was searching YouTube yesterday for Jeff Favignano, Google kept searching for “Jeff seralis”, whatever that is!

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I do not. I don’t feel comfortable dictating to electronic devices, and I probably won’t until we can achieve a “Star Trek” main computer level of interaction, or a VI from the Mass Effect series. Voice assistants today are little more than automation scripts.

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I use voice al the time too. When I am working on my computer my iPad is standing by to spell things for me when spell check cannot figure out what I am trying to write. Lately I have been opening apps by voice, because I am getting very lazy. It was my apple watch that got me into using voice, since it is the best way to answer texts on the watch.

I’m glad I’m not the only one that felt there was something weird with today’s dictation. It seemed like voice dictation was more accurate in the past, and it’s not like I’m sending very complicated messages. (e.g. “I’m heading out in a bit.”)

Also, whenever I do searching, I tend to search for a more general term and then subsequently narrow it down based on the top results I see in quick succession. Additional qualifiers are sorta’ time-consuming to do in voice search, and typing it out even on a phone is significantly easier.