Do I need a Google account and/or a Samsung account?

Using a Samsung phone with out logging in to Google acct or Samsung acct phone calls an text seem to work fine. question is there an security danger in do this? Thank-you for your time

I suppose as long as you’re still getting system updates there wouldn’t be an obscene security risk. In fact you may be even more secure as you’re unable to install third party applications, which is an attack vector for malicious actors.

But it begs the question, why not save some money and just use a featurephone if you’re not going to use any of the “smart” parts of the smartphone? A nice Nokia would get you days of battery life and the bliss of simplicity.

Do you still get app updates without a Google account to access the play store?

Not sure about the galaxy store works.

I think that’s the main risk. Google/Samsung app stores won’t update apps, so if there’s a flaw in the browsers, messages, webview etc it will never get fixed.


no apps work from google play store or samsung store unless you login in to them.
really not interested in running any apps, just phone an text messy
will run a test over the next three months an see what happens
thank you for the advice on this subject

You do use an app (messages) for texting though. There was a zero-day a while back that involved messages and MMS.

Although if it’s phone calls and texting, there’s not much data on there to be concerned about. Depends who you’re phoning and texting :slightly_smiling_face:

Samsung Confirms Critical Security Issue For Millions: Every Galaxy After 2014 Affected (

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