DIY Minecraft Server

On many occasions @Leo has mentioned that he hosts a personal Minecraft Server, so I thought this would be a good place to start a discussion. I would like to know what everyone thinks the best methods are for creating a server that is capable of supporting iPad and desktop players together. I built a Java server, but that doesn’t allow for iPads or desktops (Win 10 Microsoft store version) to play together. So far the only way Ive gotten this to work is by hosting a multiplayer world on my desktop, but this is not ideal. Any ideas?

At some point Microsoft plans to unite the Java version with the rest. At that point I guess we’ll have a common server. Until then I use SpigotMC for my four servers at home. They’re running on a pretty beefy Xeon machine with lots of memory. Which is silly because there are rarely more than a few people in the server at any given time.

I re-used The Beast I bought for running FreeBSD. I never got it working usefully, but at least the Beast is leading a useful life in retirement.


The only clever trick I could come up is to use the iPad as a second display. Minecraft is still not cross-platform despite Electronic Arts and indie studios offering such support.

Mojang has release an alpha version of Minecraft Server for Bedrock edition

It’s updated every time a new Bedrock edition of Minecraft is released, and I’ve found it to be very stable. It requires Windows or Linux, and I have two Ubuntu servers running one instance each (since the Alpha doesn’t support hosting multiple worlds at the same time).

The Bedrock edition server is based on the same code as Minecraft Realms, so I would expect features to run pretty well in tandem.

The alpha supports XBOX, Windows, Android, and iOS clients (not 100% certain on the last, but I think so) running Bedrock editions (not Java). It may support PS as long as Minecraft on that plaform is Bedrock, but I don’t know.

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Another alpha release? I thought Microsoft/Mojang was done with new releases!

I tried this and it seems to work pretty well. Unfortunately the only system I have to host the server is a desktop PC which is used by the rest of my family. I’d like to build a dedicated PC for this sometime in the future. I was also thinking of using a raspi 4, but I dont know if that would be powerful enough and I dont think the bedrock edition supports raspbian yet.

I think the Alpha is just for the Bedrock Server software, which - to be fair - seems very stable. I’ve been running it (with corresponding server updates as new Minecraft versions are released) and it’s worked very well.

Four? I only know of the one, hosting the old Twitcraft map. What are the other three?

I’ve been running my Minecraft server for 8.5 years. We’ve been on Spigot for … 6 years I think? We were Bukkit before that. Our server is still up from its launch in late May of 2011.


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@Leo I was checking out the server last night and quite a bit of the map. I noticed missing blocks in several places. I know there isn’t anyone on there actively maintaining it. Is it possible for me to get enabled for map editing?

You should have full capabilities except for Op. if you want to build go right ahead! Is that what you mean?

@Leo I didn’t get as far as building on top of it, although I was thinking about adding my own additions. Is there a designated place on the map? I’m in the town circle right now and it will not let me add or replace blocks as an example.

I’ve played around with it in single player mode months ago to learn the controls so I’m fairly proficient now.

You can run the Minecraft Bedrock Alpha server on the same PC as Minecraft itself - you just need to do (something - can’t remember, but I know it’s documented) to prevent a weird loop.

And if you’re familiar with writing basic scripts - you can probably write one that starts, and another that stops, the server so that it’s only running when you want it to. Honestly, in that situation though - there’s not really much reason to run the server except for testing purposes. But it is technically an option.

Hmmm. Not sure why you can’t build @BACONATOR26 - now that I’m back home I’ll take a look.

@Leo I did gain partial ability (to destroy/pick up blocks). I suspect I just need to play through to gain that ability similar to single player mode. It also doesn’t provide me with a list of achivements to complete that I expected to see.