Discord x Windows?

If Microsoft does acquire Discord, I want to know what you guys think. What kind of interconnected features will Microsoft add with Windows and Discord?

The biggest thing to expect is that you will need a Microsoft Account to sign in.

Now I feel like a dumbass because I didn’t think of that.

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hmm thinking about it - does this track with their previous recent acquisitions? I don’t think my LinkedIn account is connected in any way to my Microsoft account. I’m not sure about Github or Minecraft, not services I use. I wouldn’t be surprised if they offered Microsoft authentication as an option but not a requirement.

It also depends how heavily they want to integrate it into the Xbox network. We could see integrations into the Xbox Gamebar feature. I’m not sure how much they’ll push that angle though. Looking at my Discord server memberships, less than half are related in any way to gaming.

If they position Discord as a Skype replacement, then it’s possible we’ll see integrations into the OS at some point, such as that “meet now” button that got pushed to the Windows taskbar.

But also keep in mind that Microsoft has been making a push to de-couple many apps from the OS so they can be maintained independently of the OS. So we may end up seeing very little change or integration with Discord.

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LinkedIn can be connected to Outlook for additional profile Information, although I’ve never used it.

LinkedIn can be connected to Microsoft but it’s not a requirement, correct?

If MS authentication was made to be a requirement for Discord that would really be a shame. Facebook did this when they acquired Oculus and it’s an ugly situation.