Dick De Bartolo - Match Game?

I was watching the old Match Game show and I saw that Dick De Bartolo was an editor on the show? Is this the same guy that talks about gadgets at the end of the Tech Guy? If so, cool. Did he make up the questions?

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Yes! He had a show on the TWIT network for years! I listened to The Giz Wiz for years. He has a bunch of great stories about his time on the match game sprinkled through 1500+ shows if you feel like listening/watching.

Did he write the questions?


Yes, I believe so, but I really don’t remember the specifics very well.

https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0213327/ It seems he did, yes.


Wow. Cool! Seems fitting.

The GizWiz show on TWiT ended when co-host Chad moved to LA in 2015. Since then, he and Dick have continued the show on a smaller scale and episodes are at gizwiz.tv. In addition, Dick does a live-only show on TWiT called The Giz Fiz which airs after The Tech Guy on Saturdays and uses the IRC chatroom. If you stay on the Live feed after TTG ends you can catch it, and someone has put captures of the episodes online at https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2otyxRiqvO7oVByC955jgIFbtN8_oIWN

If you look at the old TWiT GizWiz shows, you can see that Chad presented from the same spot in the main studio that’s used for HOP and Kim Schaffer on TTG.


Leo used to host The Giz Wiz also with him for years on TWiT before Chad.


He is also the same Dick DeBartolo of Mad Magazine fame. He started there as a teenager.