The Giz Fiz Episode 437

I really like the chemistry that Dick DeBartolo and Leo have together. However, I find it really hard to follow The Giz Fiz as a podcast. It’s like a modern art painting but you have to look with your ears. Are there any tips and tricks? Is there a Youtube channel to follow? Ok, don’t mind me - I found it. I shall have to follow there to see what’s going on.

If you’re a Club TWiT member, you can find The Giz Fiz in the TWiT+ podcast feed.

Yes, indeed - that’s what’s happening: being a club member, listening on the podcast. Found it really hard to get into, just listening to it. The YouTube channel on The GizFiz made it apparent that photos are being discussed.

Isn’t there a video version of the Giz Fiz on the TWiT+ feed? There should be!!

Hmm. Not sure. I found it on YouTube at GizFiz Jul. 24. 2021 - YouTube . Searched my podcast client for giz fiz and did not find anything.

Club TWiT podcasts are private and won’t show up in searches in podcast clients. To subscribe, you’d have to go into your Club TWiT subscription options here and select “TWiT+ [Club TWiT Exclusive] (Video)” as the show you want to subscribe to. Audio and video subscriptions are separate…and Giz Fiz really benefits from the video. You’d also need a podcast app that supports video podcasts like Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, or Downcast.

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