Chromecast with Google TV, Plex, and auto framerate switching

Has anyone got auto framerate switching with the Chromecast after the latest update that enabled it? I have enabled it in the AndroidTV settings and Plex. When I try to play a video, I can see the TV (a 2015 Samsung) has switched to 24p framerate, but Plex just displays a spinning circle and not play the video. If I switch off the auto framerate in Plex, the video will play fine.

I have not, getting the same symptoms. It seems we’re not alone - Chromecast 4k Google TV Android 12 update just released has broken direct play - Streaming Devices - Plex Forum

Plex has lost their stride over the past few years in terms of being a great platform for personal media collections. It’s really a shame. I’d have dumped them by now if it wasn’t for my users.

That’s a bummer. Well at least I’m not alone! I was looking f inward to auto refresh rate switching.

Well what do you know, auto framerate switching is working now on Plex on the Chromecast. Now I’d like the other apps like Netflix and Disney Plus to support it.

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