Can I copy code and paste in Authy?

I’ve heard Leo tout Authy as a two-factor authentication app. I used to use Google’s app, which would let me copy the code to the clipboard and paste it where needed. That’s handy when I have only one device with me.

Authy doesn’t seem to let me do that. Am I missing something? If I have two devices, it’s not a problem, but when I have one device, I often forget the exact code after I’ve gone to Authy, then back to where it’s needed.


You could try copying and then clicking in the Authy text box you require the copied text in and pressing Ctrl and V together to paste.

If that does not work when I have very long passwords that I do not want to enter manually I paste the password in to notepad, then highlight the password text, then drag and drop the text in to the required field.

Work arounds, plus I have not used Authy but maybe it helps :wink:

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OK, sorry folks, nevermind. There is an icon to the bottom right of the password, and if you click on that, it copies to the clipboard. Ugh…my bad. Sorry for wasting your time and the space. :grimacing:


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If you are in the Apple Ecosystem, you can actually copy the Authy code from your iPhone and paste the code on your iPad or Mac computer. Provided you are on the same Apple ID on the various devices.